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This simple mp3 player empowers Christians to share the gospel of the Lord.

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Fear of rejection is the main reason why Christians don't share the gospel of Jesus Christ with friends and family.

Fear of not knowing: what to say, when to say it, or how to say it. Maybe you're afraid of saying the wrong thing. Or possibly you're concerned that they may reject Christ, and in so doing, reject you! That's why we're here. To help you be the messenger of the "Good News". The Messenger Program says what you might like to say to your loved one concerning the saving Gospel of our loving God. Take a few moments to view the video to see how this simple but effective tool works.

And he saith unto them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men

Matthew 4:19

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The Messenger Program teaches and equips you to easily know when to reach out to those you're so concerned about. You'll find it second nature to almost sense the humbleness of heart of that individual you're trying to reach. And that's so important, as we know God resists the Proud, but gives Grace to the Humble. The Messenger Program not only equips your knowledge base and skill set, it actually physically equips you with the Gospel Appeal on a convenient MP3 player. No longer must you fear not knowing what to say. No longer the Fear of Personal Rejection, as you idly watch others drift into an eternal separation from God's love into an eternal torment.

38 Hours... The Faith of God

This revealing book explains what Jesus was doing between the cross and the resurrection. A "must read" for pastors, this book can be enjoyed by any mature Christian or those possessing a good biblical knowledge. 

Xulon Press Says: "the authors breadth and depth of scholarship in the manuscript is astounding. In attempting to answer his initial query of why Jesus had to spend thirty-eight hours in the grave before His resurrection, the author offers a deep exploration of both Old and New Testament theology..."