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JCB international and its predecessor.

Reaching those in Peril

From our early roots as a crisis pregnancy center, saving the "unborn" ... to an international ministry focused on those who have yet to be "born again", JCB and its staff have a passion for reaching those in peril.

As we commenced a building program in Malawi Central Africa over a decade ago, assisting bush churches to have a more dependable place of worship, The LORD revealed to us the need, which every society has, where The Body of Christ is present.

You see, God set up the "evangelism" process according to a certain pattern which most effectively works ... something the angels desired to do, yet reserved by God for us. The Gospel is designed for "People to reach People". As a Christian shares the "Message of Salvation" with another individual, God the Father draws that person to Jesus (John 6:44). It is a marvelous partnership between the Father and His children to reach the LOST.

Our observation is that most Christians are reluctant to reach out to others. They really care for those who are outside the Body of Christ, but are hindered by Two Basic Fears: Fear of personal rejection and Fear of not knowing what to say.

As we searched for a way to address those fears, we found a modern approach which has worked very well in developing countries, as well as industrialized societies.

In Malawi, we call it the Yao Project, as we've equipped leaders to reach their co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members. In Pakistan, we call it the Urdu Program, reaching Muslims who have a hunger for more. In the United States and westernized countries our approach is known as "The Messenger Program".

Where some of our initiatives, in culturally concentrated parts of the world, are directed toward our Muslim friends who want to know more about "The Prophet" ... to other more culturally diverse areas of the world, where people may scoff at even the existence of God, we use a similar method.

Bringing the Gospel to Their Ears

We are simply the messengers and the delivery crew. God does the rest of the work within the heart of those with whom we share his His appeal.

From Central Africa to Pakistan, our Gospel units contain: A Bible preamble, Prayer for Salvation, The New Testament, and Seven Doctrinal Teachings which answer frequently asked questions by Muslim listeners who speak Yao or Urdu ... To a modified version, where our Gospel units focus on fast-paced westernized societies, which include: A simple message to establish an "Affinity with the Listener", a Prayer for Salvation, and the Gospel of John with easy to understand commentary. The approach may be different, but the method is actually the same ... GET PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO GOD'S INVITATION.

It should be obvious by world events that the end of this "Age of Grace" hastens to its predetermined completion. God has been patient and very “longsuffering” as He has taken pleasure in preparing a Bride for His beloved Son. (II Cor 11:2 & Rev 19:7-9)

His mercy extends to anyone who, with humble heart and child-like faith reaches out for His hand, recognizing His Son Jesus, as the way to His loving heart of grace.

But ... we must work with dispatch, while there is yet but a little time! Peter says it is best when considering the time element remaining concerning God’s great mercy. II Peter 3:9 reads, "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

If you find it in your heart to reach the unsaved, then your heart is in alignment with God's heart. All you require now is THE TOOLS and THE COURAGE to share that "Good News" message of salvation.

God bless you ... And God bless your efforts to fill His house.

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Recommend the Messenger Program to a fellow Christian friend, or make a gift to someone who has a heart for The Lost. Introduce your pastor to the program. Our small effort to seek The Lost today will be met by the Father's Great Effort to draw them by His Holy Spirit into Christ for eternity. May we contact your Christian friends?