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The Messenger Program from a pastor's perspective

Is your congregation looking to you as the primary evangelist and soul winner? How's that working for you? Not really practical, is it?

Sheep should be best at "bearing" sheep, while shepherds are here to feed and protect the flock. Let's get back to the basics... As our parishioners and members are motivated and equipped to successfully share the Gospel, new baby Christians will then revitalize the life within your congregation. There is no greater "church revival" than new believers being added to the local assembly. Pastors really need a program like this for their church.

With the Messenger Program, you can rest assured your members are equipped with the best tool chest available for sharing the Gospel. This Program makes it so obvious and easy, allowing those who are unsaved to listen to the Gospel Message in the comfort of their own familiar setting... The quietness of their own home, car, park, beach or anywhere they are likely to feel less pressured and ready to listen. Once they've taken that opportunity to receive Christ for themselves, they'll be looking for good solid teaching and discipleship, and will be looking for a pastor and church home.

Try it today. If your congregation follows The Four Meeting Instructional Course, then thoughtfully distribute the MP3 players to their unsaved co-workers, friends, neighbors and family members, without positive feedback, then return the unused materials for a pro-rated credit. You have little to lose and so very much to gain for the Kingdom.

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Recommend the Messenger Program to a fellow Christian friend, or make a gift to someone who has a heart for The Lost. Introduce your pastor to the program. Our small effort to seek The Lost today will be met by the Father's Great Effort to draw them by His Holy Spirit into Christ for eternity. May we contact your Christian friends?