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It's not that Christians have lost their love or care for their "Lost" co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members. We are being swayed by an ever-growing error and belief that a merciful God will not ever allow "good people" to go to Hell.

This damnable heresy is gaining acceptance for one main reason: Christians feel ill-equipped to share the Gospel Message... Quite frankly, it's "Fear" attributable to the following three concerns:

1. Fear of not knowing what to say.

Most of us are not great at memorizing scriptures that we feel confident in using in conversation with those we truly care about. It's sad to say, when living in a world where time is at a premium, that we have scarcely committed ourselves to learning God's word as we should.

2. Fear of rejection

What if somehow I get the words out of my mouth in all sincerity and my friend rejects my heartfelt appeal. I'm naked and somewhat vulnerable as I've humbled myself to share the salvation message and then bear that feeling of separation as I risk personal rejection.

Many would say, "We should be willing to take the risk of rejection for the sake of souls bound for eternal condemnation"... To that I would agree, and so would you, but... Do we make a practice of taking that risk?

3. Fear of not knowing the right time to share

How do you know the best time or place to take that opportunity to share God's plan to Spiritual Life? What cues do you look for to sense when your friend is most likely to actually listen? Will you get a second chance?

What if someone could do your speaking for you? What if the Gospel Appeal was prepackaged in a way that would require you to simply be a caring friend?

The Messenger Program does just that!

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Recommend the Messenger Program to a fellow Christian friend, or make a gift to someone who has a heart for The Lost. Introduce your pastor to the program. Our small effort to seek The Lost today will be met by the Father's Great Effort to draw them by His Holy Spirit into Christ for eternity. May we contact your Christian friends?