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Church Growth Kit

Our largest and most popular set, the Church Growth Kit is perfect for your church or organization:

  • 24 MP-3 players
  • 24 Sets of ear buds
  • 24 Chargers
  • 24 USB cords
  • 6 Instructional CD's
  • 24 Quick reference cards
  • 24 Refrigerator reminder magnets
  • 24 Black felt carry pouches

* Price includes all shipping and processing.

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Personal Evangelizer

Make Evangelism easy with this Personal Evangelizer 2 pack, the perfect solution for individuals or small groups to share.Two complete sets containing:

  • MP-3 players, charger
  • USB cords
  • Ear buds
  • black felt carry pouches
  • Plus instructional CD, quick reference card and refrigerator magnet.

* Price includes all shipping and processing.

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Refill Kit

This is the Refill Pack for the Reaching My Neighbor, Church Growth Kit and Evangelizer Kit Consisting:

  • MP-3 player
  • USB cord
  • Ear buds
  • charger and felt carry pouch.



* Price includes all shipping and processing.

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38 Hours... The Faith of God

This revealing book explains what Jesus was doing between the cross and the resurrection. A "must read" for pastors, this book can be enjoyed by any mature Christian or those possessing a good biblical knowledge. 

Xulon Press Says: "the authors breadth and depth of scholarship in the manuscript is astounding. In attempting to answer his initial query of why Jesus had to spend thirty-eight hours in the grave before His resurrection, the author offers a deep exploration of both Old and New Testament theology..."