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John 3:16 Is Only the Beginning

In the mainstream westernized Church today, we’ve somehow detached ourselves from "Personal Evangelism". Sure, we recognize the importance of sharing The Gospel roadmap to "eternal spiritual life" with others, but haven't known how to adopt it as our own priority. So, in essence, we've departed from God’s plan of building the "Body of Christ".

How Important Is Evangelism?

It has become painfully obvious, as we witness most churches declining numerically across this land, that we are certainly missing a vital ingredient to vibrant growth to our congregations. Where some churches do experience growth in numbers, it is often only a shift in the Body of Believers, as we see the decline of attendance elsewhere.

This "Must-Read" White Paper shall encourage and instruct anyone who has a heart for evangelism. From the first time soul winner, to a mature evangelist, you'll certainly benefit from this exhaustive presentation.

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